Mission of M3TERA

The mission of the M3TERA project is to provide a wide-spread use of low cost- THz technology in our society, enabled by a micromachined heterogeneous integration platform, which provides an unique way to highly-integrated, volume–manufacturable, cost- and energy-efficient, reconfigurable submillimeter-wave and THz systems.


The motivation of the M3TERA, in line with technology convergence of advancing microwave semiconductor technology, according to internal and external roadmaps, the proposed THz microsystem platform is envisioned to accommodate multiple generations of future THz products in different application fields. The concrete business and lead application case is THz microsystems enabling compact, low-cost point-to-point high-speed communication links in the frequency space between 100 GHz and 500 GHz, to be deployed in a scenario of a high-density small-cell base-station network providing ubiquitous high-speed internet access to mobile communication devices in urban environment. The potential for success and high impact of this project is given by industrially-driven objectives, application-driven prototype implementation for different key applications and an excellent industry-driven consortium.