The meeting started on 19th April with an official General Assembly meeting. The consortium discussed the main results and achievements and the plans for the upcoming months. Afterwards there was a Technical Meeting. Joachim Oberhammer, the scientific leader, started the Advisory Board meeting with an overview presentation. The main purpose was to summarize the motivation for M3TERA, the background and state of the art on micromachined THz systems, the summary of the project`s objectives and the highlights, followed by individual presentations given by the different WP leaders. Details about the intermediate results will be illustrated in an upcoming project newsletter.

On 20th April, there was an Advisory Board workshop. The Advisory Board members (Antti Räisänen, Gerd Hechtfischer, and Roberto Sorrentino) participated in this workshop and provided valuable feedback and advice and there were a lot of interesting discussions (e.g. planning of a M3TERA workshop at the IEEE Asia-Pacific Conference 2018, M3TERA platform development and costs, tuneability of the filters, and the very well cooperation of the consortium) .

3rd review meeting